Best Family Holidays

Family Holidays In The Sun

The Caribbean offers some of the best places on earth to enjoy the best holidays with your family. In contrast to the more developed destinations of the world, families seem to bond easily in the picturesque islands. Perhaps because of the closeness to nature or the joy that playing in the turquoise waters and white sands seem to bring to the forefront.

Kids Scuba Diving at Beaches ResortsSome of the best family holidays can be found at the Beaches resorts (the hotel and resort chain that also owns Sandals). They cater for young and old and you can explore their many packages as an option. Think about what activities the entire family can take part in, something that will be memorable. Why not do a family scuba dive? Imagine the entire family exploring the wrecks of most of our Caribbean islands. From easy to moderate to difficult there are dives that all can take part. Many resorts have specialised programs that cater to the young and old in this area and there are many qualified and safety oriented diving instructors that will take good care of you.

It should be noted that many resorts offer single parent holidays where you and your youngster can enjoy our paradise at Single Parent Fun at Beaches Resorts!affordable and indeed extremely competitive prices.  If you wish to spend time with your young one (s) all the time or perhaps get away a little for some alone time, their are activities that will cater for your every wish. Many resorts offer day-care services or supervised sessions where you can enjoy a relaxing time for yourself while your kid(s) are safe. The island of Antigua ranks high in the family segment, not only for the competitive rates offered by hotels and resorts throughout the island but also because of the fact that its airport is a Caribbean hub. Many large airlines fly straight into Antigua from distant countries. Their large runway accomodates some of the largest aircraft in the world. This makes it perfect for parents travelling with children who may pose a little moody with transfers and connections. There are also many family-oriented activities to explore on the island which are easily arranged by your hotel or if you like to plan yourself through the many brochures at the rack just before you exit the customs and immigration hall in the airport upon arrival.

Another favorite for families is the island of Barbados. This island has made a niche for itself in the holiday destination world and certainly they continue to grow every year in their fantastic value for money and services offered. the all-inclusive family packages many resorts now offer have been very popular with visitors. Again there are a host of activities you may want to explore on the island leaving out the “rum tour” and “partying at the Gap” until your kids are much older of course!

The lovely island of St.Lucia is another gem for families. Though renowned as a honeymoon destination, St. Lucia also has received international accolades for their family vacations packages. They too offer the famous all-inclusive packages that makes life easy for parents and kids alike. Their hotel staff will easily and efficiently arrange off-resort activities as well that are sure to appeal to the young and not so young in your group!

The Caribbean offers you and your family that opportunity to tune out all that noise society has imposed on our lives and allows you to enter that space you deserve.  Be that Mom and/or Dad you always wanted to be and enjoy the best Caribbean Family Holidays ever! There is no better family enjoyment than enjoying the brilliant Caribbean together. Bathe in the warm waters or build castles in the sand, be a family!