Caribbean Honeymoons


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For decades the Caribbean region has been renowned as a honeymoon destination and over the years this reputation has been enhanced by some of our islands niching themselves into this market segment. The results have been pleasing with honeymoon packages, specials and countless excellent reviews for the hard work and dedication in this area.

Getting married is no small decision and the occasion deserves the hype, attention and splendor that come with the territory. Choosing the ideal island to spend your honeymoon is a crucial one as well and we at Caribbean Insider’s Guide will help you out the best.

 We first will like to feature the islands that pride themselves in specializing as a honeymoon destination and with the way they have delivered over the years, they indeed have the right to say so. Then we will delve into the other islands where couples may find it suiting them rather than the ones we highlight.

The criteria we have used to select our ideal honeymoon destinations are as follows:

Reviews from honeymooners, availability of packages concentrating on honeymoons, marketing by hotels and resorts in this niche market and resorts and resorts dedicated to this segment.

Planning your Honeymoon Holidays:

St. Lucia: This was the first island that came high with our research. St. Lucia is known as the honeymoon capital of the Caribbean. Several hotels & resorts are dedicated to honeymooners and indeed the occurrence of second-time honeymooners are also remarkably high.

Jamaica: The North coast of this island paradise is well known as a famous and popular honeymoon destination. With its white sands, alluring music, friendly people and excellent Caribbean cuisine how can you go wrong? For example, many resorts and hotels on the island’s renowned nine-mile beach of Negril cater to honeymooners and memories are sure to be of a lifetime if you choose Jamaica.

Antigua: Another all-time favourite destination of honeymooners. One only has to visit the airport to see the happy couples disembarking arm in arm (of course with the occasional carry-on) and being whisked away to their abode to experience their new lives together. Antigua is another tropical paradise where the brilliant white sands and turquoise blue  waters easily take your breath away. So why not combine this with someone who has and still does take your breath away and who has successfully swept you off of your feet!

The Bahamas: These chains of islands located off of the U.S.A. are truly gems of the world.  These tropical islands range in the number of approximately thirty and as the saying goes, there is really something for everyone. From Las Vegas styles honeymoons to secluded getaways, The Bahamas does it your way. For the party and enjoyment the more popular islands include, Paradise, Grand Bahama and New Providence. If you are seeking a quieter time, then look at Exuma, Harbor island or Eleuthera.

Luxury Suites

We recommend planning your holiday between the months of November to April.  The major reason is that this period is outside of the region’s hurricane season and you will experience the best weather and are assured that all the accommodations and businesses will be open.

In addition to the avoidance of the hurricane season, the period of April to November also are the Caribbean’s coolest months with some beautiful trade winds coming from our neighbors of the North who surly would be wishing they were where you are!

Spending your time together is the center of this time and we encourage you to plan some fun couple stuff while you visit our islands. Take a scuba-diving tour and hold hands as you explore the wonders of our Caribbean coral reefs together. Take a lovely sunset horseback ride on one of our beaches and experience unrivalled romance as you gaze out onto the horizon.

If you want to up the pace, take a zip-lining tour over one of our lush tropical forests as you become one with nature and each other’s lives. Other activities include couples massages, sometimes included in our many honeymoon packages or scuba diving adventures where you both can explore the many ship wrecks around our waters, yes the pirates of the Caribbean were real and mean indeed.

We can easily tell you that from the fabulous rich to the ordinary joe, there is something for everyone seeking a Caribbean honeymoon experience. We have seen countless numbers of happy couples enjoy our islands and over the years they keep on returning, many with the families they have started together. The circle of life is well and alive with our Caribbean Honeymoon holidays and we encourage you to be part of it.